08.06 - 06.07.24Opening 07.06.2024 6-9pm

Rabbit HoleSarah Neumann, Hannah Mitterwallner

In Duo Show “Rabbit Hole”, Gallery The Tiger Room presents the latest works by Sarah Neumann and Hannah Mitterwallner. The interplay of Sarah Neumann's mystical paintings and Hannah Mitterwallner's delicate installations creates a dynamic narrative that questions ordinary perceptions.

13.04 - 18.05.24Opening 12.04.2024 6-9pm

reverie resetLi Jun, Julia Klemm, Laura Klodt-Bußmann, Ling-Yu Tai, Magdalena Waller

24.02. - 23.03.24Opening 23.02.2024 6-9pm


Danni Chen's works revolves around body-related objects and space installations. The interactive relationship between people and objects is her main theme.

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07.12.2023 - 15.02.2024

SILVER TIDESYuchu Gao, Ju Young Kim

The echo of tides resonates within the walls of The Tiger Room. Ebb and flow come and go, waves rise and fall. The duo exhibition "Silver Tides" brings together the works of Chinese artist Yuchu Gao and Korean artist Ju Young Kim, both individually exploring the theme of the sea as a potential place of freedom.

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05.10.2023 - 19.11.2023

LITTLE ISSUESKatharina Burger, Lu Cheng,Xenia Fumbarev, Frida Kato,Anna Lena Keller,Heeyoung Rosa Jo

Die neu eröffnete Galerie The Tiger Room in der Heßstraße 48b in München präsentiert in ihrer ersten Gruppenausstellung sechs junge, internationale Künstlerinnen. Die Ausstellung “Little Issues” legt einen Fokus auf aufstrebende, weibliche Positionen.

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