Gallery The Tiger Room / Group Show LITTLE ISSUES / Opening 05.10.2023

Munich, October 5, 2023 – On October 5th Gallery The Tiger Room flung open its doors for the grand opening and the unveiling of „Little Issues,“ a delightful group exhibition featuring six talented female artists.

The city’s art lovers, collectors, and the simply curious flocked to the gallery, celebrating a significant moment.

„Little Issues“ showcases the unique works of Katharina Burger, Lu Cheng, Xenia Fumbarev, Frida Kato, Anna Lena Keller, and Heeyoung Rosa Jo. Their art offers an intimate look at life’s hidden gems, the moments often overlooked but carrying profound significance.

The opening night was a resounding success, drawing a diverse crowd. Attendees were drawn into the artists‘ intricate worlds, exploring the fine details and subtle emotions that breathed life into their works. The presence of the artists themselves added a personal touch as they shared their inspirations and creative processes with guests.

Gallery The Tiger Room extends heartfelt thanks to the guests who graced the grand opening, making it a night to remember. The gallery eagerly anticipates enriching Munich’s cultural fabric with upcoming exhibitions and creative endeavors.

As Gallery The Tiger Room embarks on this exciting journey, stay tuned for more captivating events and experiences that promise to inspire and captivate art enthusiasts in the future.

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