Heeyoung Rosa Jo

Heeyoung Rosa Jo  (b. 1991 in Seoul, South Korea)

Heeyoung Rosa Jo‘s artistic work centers around the invisibilties and paradoxes of everyday life. She strives to capture the atmosphere of fleeting impressions and to forge connections between seemingly disparate moments. Her perimary goals is to unveil the subtle beauty of the unseen and to celebrate the poerty of the ordinary.

Seit 2017 Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, class of Prof. Markus Oehlen & Prof. Florian Pumhösl

2009-2013  Bachelor of Fine Arts, Korea National University of Arts

Solo und Duo Ausstellungen

2023 23,Audio Visual Pavillion, Seoul

2022 Young Artist Room, Braun-Falco Galerie, Munich

Gruppenausstellungen (Auswahl)

2023 Couple Goals, Space N.N., Munich

2023 Warme Perspektiven, Halle 50, Munich

2022 Alle für alle, Open Q Art Space, Munich

2022 Minds are Magnets, Canal Street Research, New York

2022 Dem Dinner zum Trotz, Kultur Kiosk, Stuttgart

2022 Hallo Hallo, Neue Galerie, Landshut

2021 Frühling der jungen Jahre, Platform, Munich

2021 Chronicles of a year – Part 2,Kunsthaus L6, Freiburg

2020 Kunst im alten Ministergang, Kultusministerium, Munich

2020 Ziel und Maß, Galerie der Künstler, Munich

2022  „Young Art and New Ways”, The Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts, Germany


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Things that pass by, 2023

Heeyoung Rosa Jo

Acryfarbe auf  Leinwand
161 x 144 cm

untitled, 2022

Heeyoung Rosa Jo

Acryfarbe auf Leinwand
65 X 60 cm

Silhouette 02, 2023

Heeyoung Rosa Jo

Acryfarbe auf Leinwand
61 x 55 cm

Silouette 01, 2023

Heeyoung Rosa Jo

Acryfarbe auf Leinwand

53 x 48 cm